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You expect excellence. That’s our specialty.

"Lorraine has been my editor since the beginning of my career in 2012 and she is not your average editor. She has been a wonderful teacher over the years, and I am grateful for her collaboration and tireless efforts on behalf of her authors. She doesn't hold back if she believes a story has flaws or a few changes here and there could improve it. She knows the characters, the plot, and the direction. She doesn't tell the author what to do but instead guides them on their path to becoming a better writer.

I spoke with other editors prior to working with Lorraine, but they only touched the surface. Lorraine turns a story inside out until she’s at the heart of the author’s and characters’ messages. With each pass, she asks all of the right questions, driving the author to probe deeper into the story. Lorraine doesn’t settle for mediocrity and makes the editing process enjoyable, which is why after an ever-growing number of novels and short works of fiction under various genres, she is still my go-to editor."

—MK McClintock, Multiple Award-Winning Author, Montana Gallagher Series, British Agent Series, Crooked Creek Series, Whitcomb Springs series, and co-author of the McKenzie Sisters Mystery series. As McKenna Grey, she is the author of the Kyndall Family Thriller series and other contemporary romance. &

The Ghost of Greyson Hall_MK McClintock
The Wicked Cries Wolf_McKenna Grey
Journey to Hawk's Peak_cover_2021.jpg

"As a USA Today Bestselling Author, it’s important to surround myself with a reliable team of publishing professionals. The game-changer in my career was adding Lorraine to my team. She’s more than an editor. She’s a cheerleader, mentor, and ally. She truly invests time and effort in her clients and wants to see them succeed. Her positivity, business know-how, and exceptional work ethic have made her an integral part of my team. Not only did she go above and beyond what a traditional editor offers, but she was also willing to lend a hand wherever she could. Whenever I had questions or uncertainty, Lorraine was willing to do the legwork and point me in the right direction. She was never too busy or impatient with me as I learned the ropes of what it took to self-publish a book. Her invaluable guidance and support through my entire journey are what truly helped me reach my goals. Not only did she do an exceptional job as my editor, but she also connected me with numerous other professionals that could help take my book to the next level.​"


—D.D. Miers, USA Today Bestselling Author, the Award-winning Relic Keeper Series, Bestselling Kresova Vampire Harems, Half-Blood Huntress Chronicles, How to Be a Necromancer Series, How to Date a Supernatural Series. D.D. has also co-authored two Kyndall Family Thriller novels under the name Everly Archard.


"When I brought my manuscript to Lorraine Fico-White, I thought it was ready for publication, but her skill and dedication to my vision made it far better. With gentle, yet thought-provoking comments and attention to detail, Lorraine guided me through the long and difficult process of cutting, augmenting, and perfecting my manuscript. Her diligence and patient help often went above and beyond, especially in the final stages of bringing the project to publication. She helped me make Immigrant Soldier, The Story of a Ritchie Boy professional enough to win an IPPY Award. Thank you, Lorraine!"

—Kathryn Lang-Slattery, Author, Immigrant Soldier - The Story of a Ritchie Boy, Tagalong Caitlin (children), and Wherever the Road Leads

Wherever the Road Leads.jpg

Working with Lorraine is a unique experience, more like hiring a writing coach than just an editor. Any editor can correct grammar, punctuation, and technical errors, but Lorraine will challenge you and bring out your best effort. Providing constant feedback through the editing/coaching process, she encourages you to find a more appropriate word, use a better action verb, or turn a better phrase. Whether you are writing fiction or nonfiction, your end result is not only a better finished product than you could have imagined, but you will also come away a better writer."

—Paul J. Mila, Author, Manetta Mystery Adventure Series, Bubbles Up (nonfiction), and Harry Hawksbill Sea Turtle Adventure Series (children)


"Lorraine is the kind of gifted editor every writer hopes to find. Her eye for detail, her love of language, her respect for each author's individual style, and her sense of humor make working with her a pleasure and a privilege. She's so knowledgeable and so generous with her knowledge, every author who works with her comes away with a real education in how to write better. I've seen her work miracles with manuscripts."

—Michele Orwin, Publisher, Bacon Press Books

callhouse smaller (1).jpg

"There aren't enough wonderful things I can say about Lorraine. Not only is she extremely knowledgeable, she is also incredibly direct, honest, and always has your best interests at heart. She believed in my book even when it was rejected by a publishing company and provided the guidance and support I needed to make my book a reality. She consistently goes above and beyond. Lorraine has not only become someone I can completely trust in the business sense, but she has also become someone I am honored to call a friend. Lorraine is a rare find, and I am blessed to have the opportunity to know her and work with her!"

—Jaime Lori Troiano, Author, Love from Above 

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